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Linos Denmark is a Danish company. We specialize in customizing Ubuntu Linux to suit customer needs.

Any derivative we create is fully compatible with the original Ubuntu edition, using the same components and software repository. It can be installed to any computer compatible with Linux, and also runs directly off the Live CD, just like Ubuntu does.

Existing products based on Ubuntu

Have a look at some of our existing products based on Ubuntu.

/GoSchoolUSB.jpgGoSchool is a Ubuntu derivative used by Danish schools to carry out exams on students' own computers. It runs directly off a USB stick or CD, and provides all students with an identical set of applications and means of help. It eliminates fraud by restricting access to external resources. Read more.

/PC-DGSP.jpgDGSP is our Dedicated Game Server Platform. It is still in early development, but we expect it to be ready in a first preview shortly. Running a dedicated game server no longer require any technical skills.

/PC-GameDrive.jpgGame Drift
is our attempt to create a Linux distribution optimized for computer games. Easily download and install games from the build in Game Store, or install and run Windows games directly within the sytem through CrossOver Games technology from American Codeweavers. Read more about Game Drift on the international project website.

Sitemagic CMS

/SitemagicCMS.pngUbuntu Linux is not the only thing on our mind. In our need for a simple platform for creating web based applications, we founded Sitemagic CMS. A powerful small framework with great Content Management capabilities. Visit the website of Sitemagic CMS - the free Content Management System.

Design your own Ubuntu derivative

Linos Denmark is here to help you create your own version of Ubuntu. You design it exactly how you want it, and we create it for you. You can be creative, while leaving technical obstacles to us.


Why create your own version of Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Linux is a fantastic platform for building custom solutions. It will allow you to include exactly the applications you want (perhaps your own), and have it look and feel the way you want. The sky is the limit.

A common use case is companies and schools looking for an easy way of deploying Ubuntu to hundred of computers. They usually want Ubuntu to include specific language packages, commonly used applications, and simply have the system wear a different logo. We can have Ubuntu include those changes, allowing you to set up each computer in no time. Please contact us for more information.

Ubuntu is registered trademark of Canonical Ltd.
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