Linos GoSchool

Consistent and secure execution of tests and exams on any computer.

Many schools allow the use of the students' own computers during tests and exams. This causes some challenges in regard to ensure that all students have identical basis - same available programs and means of help, while still maintaining a secure environment.

The solution

Linos GoSchool is the solution. It takes control with the system, and boots into a consistent, secure, and user friendly environment suitable for executing exams.

GoSchool includes all (and only) necessary programs to solve the assignments, for instance Open Office, Firefox for web based tests, and multimedia players for handling sound, image, and video material - including Flash.

GoSchool with Open Office Writer open in the background, while preventing an attempt to access a wireless network.

Secure and reliable

Linos GoSchool ensure that only installed programs can be used. Access to resources such as hard disk drive, CD drive, floppy drive, USB sticks, and memory cards is restricted. Students may be granted access to any of these resources using the appropriate password.
Network access - wired as well as wireless - is managed in the same way. The school can even restrict access to specific resources on the network or internet, using a simple firewall configuration.

Linos GoSchool is a secure environment eliminating IT related fraud at exams (anti cheat).

Data drive for storing documents

The USB device is equipped with an extra disk drive useful for storing assignment material. The student may also use this drive to store the assignment work. The data drive can be accessed on any computer, just as any ordinary USB stick - also on other operating systems such as Windows and Mac OSX.

GoSchool CD and USB stick

Linos GoSchool runs directly off a CD or USB stick. The latter is much faster, is fully configurable, has an easy to use firewall which can be configured without even booting the USB stick, and features a data drive for easy storage of exam material and assignment work.

GoSchool CD
GoSchool USB stick
Boot - ready to use *
5+ minutes
0.5 - 1 minute
Secure (anti cheat) /Checkmark.gif /Checkmark.gif
Open Office 3.2
 /Checkmark.gif /Checkmark.gif
Firefox browser 3.6
 /Checkmark.gif /Checkmark.gif
Multimedia support  /Checkmark.gif /Checkmark.gif
Data drive
Configurable   /Checkmark.gif
Configurable firewall **
Depends on quantity

* Boot time includes logging on and starting Open Office Writer. Time usage may vary depending on hardware.

** The firewall can be easily configured using a simple configuration file stored on the data drive. This allows for fast configuration deployment on many devices.

Order free GoSchool CD or request a quote

Linos GoSchool is absolutely free. You may order a free CD by writing us. Please specify full name and address, and we will ship the CD as soon as possible.

If you are interested in the USB stick edition, which is much faster, fully configurable, and features an extra data drive, please write us. Tell us more about your needs, and we will get back to you with a quote.

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